Rise of the Walking Dead

The zombies have overrun all of Argo. At least 80 percent of the residents have been killed, partially eaten, and subsequently turned into zombies.

The military has cordoned off the small seaside town in the hopes of containing whatever it is that has turned the once peaceful population of Argos into drooling, mindless, ravenous freaks. The national guard, the Centers for Disease Control, the EPA, and the U.S. Army are all on the scene. But some are skeptical about the claims of the ‘walking dead.’ The dead surely haven’t risen. Rather it must be a mental illness. Perhaps brain eating parasites? Something in the water? An elaborate hoax? Surely the dead haven’t actually risen to walk the earth… But how does that explain the walking corpses that sometimes wander their way towards the military cordon?

In any case this is where you come in. The government is currently putting together a team of scientists and soldiers to send into the town and investigate. The team will collect blood, air, soil, and water samples, and if possible capture and isolate one of the infected residents.

In short? Your mission should you chose to accept it is three-fold.

1. Find out what caused the ‘zombies’ to rise.
2. Make sure any remaining members of Argo are safe and secure them for rescue.
3. Bring back a ‘live’ sample.

And oh yeah! Don’t get killed.

Easy. Right?

Rise of the Walking Dead

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