Rise of the Walking Dead

The Very Few, The Proud-ish, and THE Marine

Our group sets off on their mission into the doomed town of Argo.

After a thorough debrief from you friendly, neighborhood LtCol Summer Ballard, our band of misfits set off into the seemingly doomed town of Argo, packs and guns in hand.

These Final Five may prove to be the only hope Argo has of stopping the ever growing zombie hoard. The few survivors left have only the work of these individuals standing between them and the grim possibility of total destruction.

The cast:

Hylas Prince,M.D. – the wealthy trust fund baby with a chip on his shoulder

Sgt Da-Xai “Daisy” Kwan – a young, don’t-call-me-Asian out to prove her worth

LCpl Jason Cormack – the muscle out to fight for his country and his God (preferably with his fists but the M16 will do)

Dr. Julian Romero – an egghead driven on by macabre curiosity and the desire to survive

Dr. Remmy Newton – a reluctant geologist not quite sure how he got roped into all of this

Entering Argo, out small band of reluctant heroes make their way towards the old Presbyterian church at the edge of town, following intel that suggests this is where the zombie-like people first showed up. Upon investigation, our group is met with carnage… and the curiously (if briefly) reanimated body of Rev. Kevin Brooks… who is promptly put down by Jason. Among the personal effects left behind by the reverend is a bloody, mostly torn apart notebook. Hylas investigates and finds only the following curious message circled and bolded in all red.

DELIVERY Friday. 7th at 9:50

Quickly our group moves on, heading towards one of the residential neighborhoods. Driving towards what might be their impending doom, our motley bunch are suddenly stopped dead in their tracks as a man bursts from his home and begins frantically trying to get your attention. His pleas for you to come with him quickly fall on deaf ears as he gets promptly Cormacked in the head… and passes out. The now unconscious Dr. Keith Richards soon meets his end as, deemed a burden, his unconscious body is flung from the Jeep and left to be torn apart by his drooling and ravenous neighbors.

With the Dr. gone and the zombies attacking the Jeep dealt with, our group decides to continue towards the High school. Their plan is quickly derailed as the massive hoard of zombies camped out at the H.S. is revealed. In his shock Cormack forgets how to drive and the Jeep skids wildly out of control before flipping and tossing all those aboard out onto the zombie infested street. Bruised, battered, but alive our group fights off the advancing zombies before breaking into a house belonging to, as Daisy would know, the Daltons.

Cormack kills Fluffy the zombie Doberman.
Weeboo ickle Remmy Newton dies and reanimates! Wooooo~
Hylas should apply for a refund on his arm…. what with it getting cut off and all.

Break into El High Schoolio!
Find out this was a temporary refugee center before it was obviously overrun by zombiddles.
…. you guys suck at bombs but DO manage to kill the mini hoard of zombies outside.

Cormack can’t find a car.
Can’t find a car.
Can’t find a car.
Finds Mr. Kwan!! :D

Flee to The Factory!
Get inside and find the office of Dr. Kurtis Holden.
Dr. H and Rv. B are bad guys. Arranged with the unfortunately named MegaCorp and were performing experiments. Irradiated medical waste dumped out by church and starting the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSEO!

The Kwans jump ship and run off on their own as the rest of the group is buys reading through materials.


Tune in next time for more of The Rise of the Walking Dead! Woooooo~


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